Cubs is the second section in the scouting family, after beavers and before scouts, and is open to boys and girls from the age of about 8 to 10 1/2 years. Their programme offers a huge variety of activities surrounding areas of fitness, global and beliefs; whilst allowing them to be creative and get involved in their local communities. Cubs are introduced to exciting outdoor skills and take part in adventurous activities, as well as camps and residential experiences. The children’s individuality, skills, friendship and teamwork are established with activities undertaken in teams called Sixes led by older Cubs called Sixers.

Cubs make a Promise to do their best, to do their duty and to help others. They play games, go on outings and visits, go camping, learn about the outdoors, gain badges and create things.


Our Cub Pack meet every Wednesday from 6.30pm to 8pm at our Scout Centre on Logan’s Way.

Here's some of our Cubs' latest news:

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